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It's been close to 3 years since the inception of JavTrailers, we've grown so fast, from 0 to Milions of user per month, but the work has only just begun. We strive to be the best community site for all JAV fans around the world, new features will be introduced to best serve our JAV fans. Nonetheless, we can't do this without help, we're looking for volunteers or paid part-timer to supercharge this growth. If you're a busy person but still want to help in some way, a donation would help too, it would help with our server expenses, any amount is appreciated.

Crypto Donation

Bitcoin: 3AxoEmaopznn8tGsJVHqaoenvcC2me8VVw

Ethereum: 0x846C4cB4a6E4642D0b95bceb9057Ea9Bf3b815fd

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